Disney’s planning a new membership

The company is taking inspiration from Amazon Prime and the Apple One bundle.

In 1957, Walt Disney drew a diagram of Disney’s business model showing how its films fuel other revenue streams like merchandise, theme park visits, and publications.

Disney’s planning a new membership

Sixty-five years later, Disney is exploring a membership program to make those connections more official, per The Wall Street Journal.

Talks are in early stages…

… so it’s unclear exactly how the membership would work, but CEO Bob Chapek has alluded to Disney’s “franchise flywheel” that gives the company multiple ways to reach customers.

For example:

  • If a customer repeatedly rides a Star Wars ride at one of its theme parks, Disney could promote relevant content on Disney+ and offer the customer exclusive Star Wars merchandise.

Disney’s no stranger to bundling

The company’s streaming bundle helped Disney pass Netflix in total streaming subscriptions last month.

If its new membership is anywhere near as successful as its streaming bundle, it can only mean one thing — more “Disney adults.”

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