The quiet quitting data has arrived

There are finally numbers to gauge the quiet quitting trend.

Despite its name, quiet quitting doesn’t technically involve any quitting.

The quiet quitting data has arrived

It essentially just means completing your job without spending extra energy going above and beyond at work.

The term, which has made the rounds online, now has data to back itself up.

  • A new Gallup survey found 18% of US employees are “actively disengaged” at work — the highest count since 2013.
  • Over 50% are simply “not engaged” — the quiet quitters.

Remote and hybrid workers under the age of 35 are driving the trend.

Since 2019, the number of young workers who feel that someone encourages their development at work has dropped 12 points, and less than four in ten say they even know what’s expected of them at work.

Dive deeper: Google searches for “how to quit a job” are higher than ever.

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