For luxury private jet tour providers, business is taking off

A number of private jet tour operators are satisfying demand for ultra-high-end excursions.

As if the chasm between economy and business class didn’t induce enough in-flight envy, ultra-luxury private jet tours offer deep-pocketed travelers a new means of traveling the world in comfort and style.

For luxury private jet tour providers, business is taking off

Talk about getting some sick air

These excursions don’t come cheap. Some start at $32.5k per person, others go as high as $160k. And no, your frequent flyer miles are no good here.

These opulent expeditions are more than connector flights. They’re limited to only 15 to 50 people, depending on the carrier. Guests — when you’re paying this much, you’re no longer a mere passenger — board sweet rides like the Boeing 757 or Airbus 318.

A captain’s chair for everyone

Leather seats in 2×2 formations ensure nobody gets stuck in the awkward middle spot. Luggage managers wrangle guests’ belongings. Meals are prepared by executive chefs.

And these flights don’t go from point A to point B. Some itineraries last a couple of weeks and include stops in as many as 9 cities. They’re like cruises but in the sky.

It’s the journey AND the destination

One of the big selling points for this type of travel is access to places fewer people have traveled: Think Machu Picchu, Easter Island, Samoa, Petra, Marrakesh — even Antarctica.

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