Foldable screens are here. What’s next for ‘-able’ tech?

Microsoft released its dual-screen foldable smartphone, which got us thinking… what’s the next big thing in “-able” tech?

According to CNET, the dual-screen foldable Microsoft Duo smartphone is finally on its way.

Foldable screens are here. What’s next for ‘-able’ tech?

Foldable. Now there’s a word you don’t see in tech much. That got us thinking — is this the first domino to fall, starting off a chain reaction of “-able” products? 

Here’s what The Hustle believes is next in “-able” trends:

Wave goodbye to the days of meticulously swabbing your keyboard with a Q-tip and say hello to spraying your MacBook down with a hose next time you get Cheeto dust on, well, everything.

We’re all sick of trying to find the one functioning outlet in the airport. How about plugging your laptop into a charger that’s stitched directly into the inseam of your pants? Sounds comfy.

Sometimes we just wanna crumple something up and toss it in the trash, sustainability be damned. Displays that you can smash at the end of every week? Uh, yeah, sign us up. 

This isn’t a tech thing, we just miss them. Oh, to be young again…GIFs: @zzcrockett

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