Digits: Ugly food, Roblox, and more

Plus: The king, beef prices, and the Super Bowl.

1) “Ugly produce” grocer Misfits Market is acquiring rival Imperfect Foods, doubling the size of its business. It’s expected to hit $1B in annual revenue within the next two years.

Digits: Ugly food, Roblox, and more

2) Because of a rule passed in 1993 to protect the royal family’s assets in the event of multiple sudden deaths, King Charles doesn’t have to pay inheritance tax on the queen’s private estate — worth $754m.

3) In the US, beef prices are relatively low, with more cattle slaughtered in July than any month since 1986. That’s partially because, with ~60% of cattle now affected by drought, some ranchers are choosing to slaughter earlier than normal.

4) The Super Bowl isn’t for another five months, but Fox has already sold 95% of the ad inventory for the big game. The going rate is ~$7m per 30 seconds.

5) Roblox CEO Dave Baszucki said it has 2m+ daily active users playing in Russia. The US sees 11m+. The note comes as Electronic Arts, Nintendo, Epic Games, Ubisoft, Microsoft, and Sony have all reduced or stopped business in Russia.

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