Digits: A $3.6m Spider-Man, e-cigs get smoked, and ATVs kick into high gear

Plus: Walmart braces for impact, Amazon pays Chicago for locker space, and container oligopolies are a thing.

Yep, $3.6m right there (Source: Heritage Auctions / The Hollywood Reporter)

1) Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can — like notch a record $3.6m for a near-mint condition copy of the character’s 1st ever comic appearance in Amazing Fantasy No. 15.

2) E-cigs just got smoked. The Food and Drug Administration rejected ~950k applications for e-cig products, though it’ll take more time to review Juul, which accounts for ~½ of the $4B market.

3) Walmart is getting ready for Christmas early, with US inventory up 20% to avert supply chain issues.

4) Off-road is in. In 2020, ATV sales jumped 33%, trail permit sales in West Virginia hit all-time highs, and ATV permits in Maine were up 6%.

5) Amazon placed 49 of its lockers throughout public parks in Chicago, with 53 more planned. At most, Amazon will pay Chicago $137.6k for use of the land. To date, Amazon has received $741m in Chicago-area tax subsidies.

6) Holy ship. The top 6 shipping container operators control 70%+ of container capacity. Meanwhile, shipping prices are up 4x since last year.

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