Trove helps brands profit from ‘recommerce’

Brands typically don’t make money when customers resell their clothes. Trove changes that.

Thrifting mom jeans and grandpa sweaters has been cool for a while, and the market for pre-worn garb is projected to grow from $96B in 2021 to $218B in 2026.

Trove helps brands profit from ‘recommerce’

Young shoppers — often frugal and environmentally conscious — are driving the trend. Per a report from ThredUp, 62% of Gen Z and millennial shoppers look for used pieces before buying new.

And brands want in

Platforms like Poshmark and Depop make reselling easy, but brands don’t get a piece of that pie.

So Trove, a “recommerce” company, partners with brands to manage and sell their used inventory.

How it works

Trove’s platform integrates with brands’ websites, and uses AI to identify, accept, route, and issue credit for items.

Over 700 US stores use Trove, and its tech has been adopted by brands including Patagonia, REI, and Lululemon. Trove told Retail Dive orders have increased almost 60% YoY.

BTW: Reselling is touted as a sustainability solution, but critics say it doesn’t necessarily reduce a brand’s footprint, especially if overproduction means clothes still wind up in landfills.

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