Toilet paper startups are waging a war of the wipes… and their marketing is on a roll

A number of toilet paper startups are offering premium alternatives to commodity TP.

Inspired by other direct-to-consumer businesses that have made fortunes delivering everything from razors to toothbrushes, several startups are rolling out a new direct-to-consumer category: butt wipes.

Toilet paper startups are waging a war of the wipes… and their marketing is on a roll

That’s right: Fast Company reports that the booty-beautifying business is booming thanks to the growing number of toilet paper startups that are trying to tear some squares from the world’s TP titans.

These companies are building a ‘farm to toilet’ experience  

What does that mean, you ask? Most of these startups make sustainable toilet paper — often made from either recycled pulp or bamboo and advertised as “tree-free” — and then sell it to consumers via subscription (rolls cost as much as $3, compared to less than $1 for Charmin).

And, of course, they market it with slick, minimalist design elements and fancy fonts. 

Here are some of the new butt-wipe brands — and their most memorable marketing:

  • Bippy: “Want to be butt buddies?” and “Earth friendly butt stuff”
  • Tushy: “I know what you skid last summer” and “Turn your restroom into the best room”
  • Number 2: “95% less butt crumble”
  • Peach: “Designed to delight, our motif is tastefully embossed in a light pastel on every sheet”
  • Who Gives a Crap: “Good for your bum. Great for the world”

But don’t expect Big TP to turn the other cheek

The toilet paper business is a $31B industry that’s dominated by Rear-End Royalty — massive brands like Charmin, Scott, and Quilted Northern.

For years, these Barons of Backside have sold their toilet paper as a commodity, which drove costs — and quality — down.

But these rump-wiping rookies may have found the crack in Big TP’s — ahem — business model… and if consumers prefer these well-made wipes, Charmin and the gang may have to start pushing some premium paper.

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