Can you build a business around internet pranks?

The latest drop from MSCHF is a viral-ready card game.

A new game via the company MSCHF is hitting the internet next month — and it involves a ton of free cash. Dubbed Card v. Card, it works like so:

Can you build a business around internet pranks?
  1. A bunch of players get free debit cards in the mail that are all linked to the same MSCHF bank account.
  2. MSCHF drops money into the account; players rush to spend it.

The strategy? You want to juice MSCHF for as much as you can. But if you shell out too much and overextend the account, your card gets declined.

What is the point of this? 

MSCHF (pronounced“mischief”) is a Brooklyn-based “ideas factory” focused on whipping up viral-ready products for the internet. Among its past drops:

  • $1.8k “Jesus Shoes” (Nikes filled with holy water)
  • A weed pipe fashioned to look like a rubber chicken
  • A dog collar that morphs barks into swear words

The company — which aims to be something like Banksy for the internet — has reportedly raised $11.5m.

How can I play?

Card v. Card is expected to run off and on for several months.

The company isn’t publicizing how much money it’s giving away, but its growth head Daniel Greenberg told The Hustle that it’s in the “deep 5 figures.”

Intrigued? You can join the waitlist here.

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