We asked readers: ‘iPhone or Android, and why?’ They had a lot to say.

We asked readers to settle the age-old debate: iPhone or Android, and why? The answers ranged from practical to philosophical.

Well, this was probably the most heated survey we’ve ever run.

Across 1.3k respondents, ~46% were Android users and ~54% were iPhone users.

One notable stat: 16.7% of the Android users said they have less respect for iPhone users while 27.2% of the iPhone users said the same about Android users. (Yikes.)

Which answers appeared the most?

Answers both for and against the “Apple ecosystem” accounted for ~62% of all responses.

The root word “ease” was included in 17.8% of all answers, and “custom” and “flexibility” appeared across ~10%.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, “cult” and “green texts” appeared in ~4% of answers.

Here’s what some folks had to say:

  • “I don’t wanna be the person in the group making texts green. No one likes that person.” — (Stuart from Cincinnati)
  • “It amuses me to be the ‘green bubble’ — it’s my favorite color afterall.” — (Mari from San Antonio)
  • “The iPhone speaks something that Android doesn’t: Culture.” — (David from San Juan)
  • “I’d prefer to have better technology at a better price rather than a mere symbol of how ‘cool’ I am.” — (Josh from Thibodaux)
  • “I love everything Apple, they can do no wrong.” — (Maggie from Toronto)
  • “I don’t join cults.” — (Jim from Nashua)
  • “The back button on Androids.” — (15 people)
  • “I switch every year so I know how to operate both phones.” — (Jorge from Caracas)
  • “Apple is a great brand, but doesn’t necessarily make better products.” — (Tiana from Detroit)

Thanks to all who answered, especially Simoné from Boston, whose response was too long to fit in this email — but unforgettable.

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