How much is the royal family worth?

The royal family’s many, centuries-old assets means a lot of money.

A lot. The New York Times broke down some of their ~$28B fortune into four buckets. (Vocab lesson for non-Brits: a duchy is a territory controlled by a duke or duchess.)

How much is the royal family worth?

The Crown Estate: $19B+

It oversees the monarchy’s assets — a vast array of real estate and farmland. It’s controlled by a board of directors, chaired by King Charles III.

The Duchy of Cornwall: $1.4B

It was established in 1337 to generate income for the heir, who controls it. Currently, that’s King Charles III’s eldest son, Prince William.

It includes 130k acres of real estate — vacation rentals, farmland, commercial space, and The Oval cricket ground — reeling in millions annually.

The Duchy of Lancaster: $949m

Established in 1399 to generate income for the sovereign, it contains 45.7k acres of commercial, residential, and agricultural assets. In 2022, it pulled in ~$27.3m.

The family’s private fortune: ~$430m

That’s the late queen’s estimated net worth, including inherited assets.

BTW: King Charles III also inherited a cursed crown. It contains the plundered Kohinoor diamond, said to bring misfortune to any man who wears it.

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