Here comes bubble: French company plans to introduce ‘flying’ water taxis

French startup SeaBubbles is testing its new waterway ride-sharing service.

Here comes bubble: French company plans to introduce ‘flying’ water taxis

And they are in(Seine). 

No, literally. SeaBubbles, the creators of the battery-powered watercraft, hopes to provide a sustainable, aquatic alternative to traffic-congested roadway travel with their four-person “flying taxi.”

The vehicles (or “bubbles) will offer shared rides up and down the Seine River, silently doing the electric glide a couple of feet above the water — so you can leave your motion sickness patches at home.

The on-demand travel market is getting increasingly congested 

Companies are racing to provide sustainable traffic solutions. In recent years, tech improvements have empowered established rideshare giants and new startups alike to scan the skies, bike paths, and tunnels in search of innovative mobility solutions. But so far no one’s really been able to crack the code.

SeaBubbles hopes to lead the way

The company’s plan is to enter 50 cities globally in the next 5 years. Parisians may even be able to open the mobile app by next year and order a glide.

Let’s just hope no bubbles get blown away by the epic break dancing we’re going to see during the 2024 Summer Olympics.

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