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What the heck is an anti-perk?

Perks that require an office visit don’t carry the same weight that they used to.

Zachary Crockett

If you’ve applied for a job in tech, you’ve probably seen that they come with a long list of perks.

Companies use everything from pingpong tables to beer fridges to attract talent. But a recent viral Twitter thread suggests workers don’t even want these things, per Protocol.


… are perks that sound good but don’t actually matter to workers. The biggest offender?

Other perks that drew feisty replies include free booze, free massages, and special-purpose rooms (e.g., fitness, nap, and meditation rooms).

So what do workers actually want?

Recent research suggests workers are more interested in perks that align with their values. A few examples include:

In short, as remote work continues to trend, benefits that require office visits don’t carry the same weight that they used to.

But… not all workers are on the same page. Some Google employees recently pushed back when the company cut costs on travel and events, causing billionaire CEO Sundar Pichai to drop a major rebuttal: “money ≠ fun.”

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