Digits: Jellyfish, oranges, Kodak, and more

Plus: Denim archaeologists and Apple Watch “attach rates.”

1) Harvesting gelatinous macrozooplankton, also known as jellyfish, represents a $160m industry. The invertebrates are a popular food in China, and now some Italian chefs are taking notice.

Digits: Jellyfish, oranges, Kodak, and more

2) The USDA forecasts 28m boxes of oranges will be produced in the 2022-23 season, thanks to Hurricane Ian — the lowest level since 1943 and down 32% YoY.

3) Kodak is one of those companies you might’ve expected to go out of business years ago. Turns out, demand for 35mm film has exploded, Kodak has moved to 24/7 production, and the company has hired 300+ people in recent months.

4) The Apple Watch attach rate — the number of iPhone users who have an Apple Watch — reached 30% in the first half of 2022, its highest-ever level, representing an annual income opportunity of $70B, per Counterpoint Research.

5) A pair of Levi’s jeans from the 1880s, found by a “denim archaeologist” in an abandoned mine, recently sold for $87k+ at an auction in New Mexico.

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