Hold yer hoodies: Research shows workers don’t love the super casual workplace

Amidst the beanbag chairs and foosball tables, studies show that most workers don’t actually want the super casual workplace.

These days, it’s as if the most coveted office cultures are the ones touting anything-goes dress codes, labradoodles roaming free, and a robust social activity budget. But new research indicates that most workers actually aren’t so down with ultra-relaxed office vibes. 

Hold yer hoodies: Research shows workers don’t love the super casual workplace

This ain’t your parents’ workplace 

The cajzhe office evolution has largely been driven by traditional buttoned-up corporations increasingly competing for talent with the hoodie-wearing, craft beer-drinking cultures dominating Silicon Valley. 

Additionally, the #MeToo movement has nudged certain companies to loosen up female-focused dress codes. 

There’s also the ever-blurring of social media with work personas, plus the increasing prevalence of remote flexibility. Gone are the days of suits, ties, and the traditional 5-day workweek.

…Or are they? Survey says: Lose the beanbag chairs 

A Udemy survey revealed that a “silent majority” of full-time US workers would rather bypass all the “I’m a cool mom” office work perks in favor of a get-in-get-out work/office mentality — and *gasp* this includes the ever-woke millennials, with even splits across both age and gender. 

Meanwhile, employer review site Comparably released its annual list of the happiest workers, which asks whether employees are proud to be a part of their organization. 

At the end of the day, workers want to get paid for good work more than they want a chill, “elevated” office environment. The question is: Where’s the balance?

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