Truckee, California: America’s foremost ‘Zoom town’

How small, scenic towns are winning 2020.

The town of Truckee, California is pretty used to rich tech people. It sits right alongside one of the Bay Area’s favorite vacation spots: Lake Tahoe.

Truckee, California: America’s foremost ‘Zoom town’

But as people flee the city for more spacious “Zoom towns,” Truckee has seen more Airpod-wearing city slickers than most locals can remember.

Many of those people are moving in full-time. Truckee’s housing market is up more than 23% since the start of the pandemic.

Truckee isn’t the only place with a housing boom

Vacation-friendly spots like Aspen, the Catskills, and Sandpoint, Idaho are also seeing an influx of full-time residents.

But maybe no other place has leapt so far to national prominence as Truckee.

Several Googlers have already moved in. Bloomberg reported that some shops — like Tahoe Bike Company — had their busiest season in memory. And in Truckee public schools, like others in big ski towns, a bunch of new kids just enrolled.

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