Digits: Tomatoes, TikToks, and more

Plus: Porsche’s IPO and wild Google Lens stats.

1) US tomato prices are down 2% since the start of 2022 — despite 7% inflation across food generally. The reason being a mishmash of stable inputs, already high prices, and a law regarding Mexican imports.

Digits: Tomatoes, TikToks, and more

2) Between April and July, TikTok removed 113.8m videos from its platform, ~1% of all videos uploaded. Almost 96% of those were removed before being reported, and 42% were removed automatically.

3) In July and August, the average song in Spotify’s top 200 was there for 39 weeks. That’s up from an average of 28 in 2019. At fault: Streaming, where each listen leads to more money for the artist and more time on the charts than in the CD era.

4) Last week, Porsche’s parent company Volkswagen took the business public in one of Europe’s biggest ever IPOs. The company issued 911m shares (in reference to the car model), and the funding will help Porsche invest in EVs.

5) In announcing a swath of new search features, Google reported that people use Google Lens to answer 8B+ questions and translate text in images 1B+ times, across 100+ languages, every month.

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