‘I’m 16 and really want to get a 2022 summer internship’

One teen reader from San Diego needed advice on finding a summer internship. We tried to help.

This week, we’re going back in time — to high school.

‘I’m 16 and really want to get a 2022 summer internship’

A lot of questions come from teenage readers, and we want to lend a hand — puberty is hard enough.

“I’m 16 and really want to get a 2022 summer internship. Any ideas on where to start? I really like business, and I would be willing to travel.” — Ella from San Diego

We’ve got you, Ella.

Let me get this straight: You’re 16 and looking for a summer internship?

When I was 16, I was working at a summer camp yelling at 10-year-olds to stop putting their boogers in the pool. TMI? Maybe.

I get it, the world’s a competitive place. And if your plan involves college, you gotta stand out.

Here’s what I’d recommend:

  • Consider your connections. Parents. Friends’ parents. Local businesses. People you follow. This is your network, and it can be powerful. But the answer will always be no if you never ask.
  • Consider your interests. But don’t feel like an internship needs to cover them all. Consider the nonprofit space — you may find it easier to get a role where you can wear a lot of hats.
  • Consider your skills. Take social media; you could offer to run social accounts for your neighborhood pizza joint. Once you’re in, recommend ways to optimize other parts of the business. How many interns can say they were a social manager and ops specialist? Not many.

At 16, the best thing you can do is remain curious. Worst case, if you don’t find an internship, you’re a San Diegonian — just go for a surf. Have fun.

Or, maybe teach kids to surf. $200/week. 10 kids. 4 weeks. That’s $8k right there. Now that would be an internship.

Sincerely, The Hustle

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