Digits: Airbnb horror, pumpkins, and more

Plus: Baseball taxes, Goodwill, and $2.5B mink drama.

1) If there’s anything you can depend on in life, it’s horror being a dependable genre at the box office. With a modest $4m budget, Barbarian — about a terrifying Airbnb — has raked in $36.5m domestically.

Digits: Airbnb horror, pumpkins, and more

2) New York Yankee Aaron Judge hit his 62nd home run last week, breaking a league record. The ball, potentially worth $2m+, was caught by a fan, opening up peculiar tax questions.

3) There’s a new heaviest pumpkin in the US. The Great Pumpkin Farm in Clarence, New York, grew a 2,554-pound pumpkin, beating the 2,528-pound record.

4)  The massive 120-year-old nonprofit, Goodwill, is moving deeper into recommerce, launching an online thrift store. Last year, the group brought in $5.4B in retail revenue.

5) In 2020, fearing viral spread, the Danish government culled all 17m mink that made up its massive fur industry and offered farmers a $2.5B bailout. Even so, the situation has spiraled downhill to the point where a new government is being voted on.

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