In parts of Asia, fish auctions now happen over Facebook Live

Fishmongers are forgoing traditional in-person fish sales in favor of Facebook Live auctions.

You probably know that you can find a date or lip-synch live on Facebook, but did you know you could haggle with a fishmonger? 

In parts of Asia, fish auctions now happen over Facebook Live

That’s right: Fish auctions, which take place over Facebook Live, are taking off in Malaysia and Thailand.

MyFishman, a pioneer of Facebook Live fish auctions, says most of its online customers are in their 30s and 40s. And in typical millennial fashion, they’d rather contemplate their dinner digitally (and have it shipped to their doorsteps) than actually go somewhere to get it.

Streaming fish streams profits, it seems 

If you peruse the FB page of Malaysian-based MyFishman, you’ll see jittery videos that quickly pan across the catch of the day — sometimes, with an emoji for emphasis. 

The biz has sold as much as 660 pounds of fish during a nightly streaming auction, when they expect up to 1k viewers. And the co-founder says profits have increased by 10-50% since the streaming started. 

As in most things, humor helps

Thai fishmonger Anurak Saruethai draws up to 300k viewers and makes a staggering $32k each night, thanks in part to his comedic flair. 

He keeps his followers engaged by tossing bags of dried fish, chanting, putting his face waaay too close to the camera, and excitedly ringing his auction bell when he gets a sale.

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