Digits: Bottlenecks, miniature toys, and a $25m shredded painting

Plus: YouTube has 1k+ people texting video creators daily, and Jennifer Gates’ pricey wedding.

1) Sometimes you’ll find jam in a glass bottle, and other times you’ll find glass bottles in a jam. With 20%-30% of food and beverage bottles used in the US sourced from abroad, they’re now facing supply chain bottlenecks.

Digits: Bottlenecks, miniature toys, and a $25m shredded painting

2) Japan’s vending machine-dispensed miniature toys — known as gachapon — saw ~$360m in sales in 2019 across 600k+ gachapon machines. In Japan, you can find gachapon department stores where 3k+ machines dispense an infinite variety of cute miniatures.

3) In 2018, Bansky’s “Love is in the Bin” painting made history when it auctioned off for $1.4m and then proceeded to shred itself with a hidden machine built into the frame. Last week, it resold for $25.4m after 9 people bid on it for ~10 minutes.

4) YouTube has 1k+ employees across 45 countries advising ~12k video creators on driving views, developing business plans, and more. Each employee is assigned 10-20 creators who they reportedly text with daily, which sounds like a fun job.

5) Jennifer Gates, daughter of Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates, got married this past weekend on her $15.82m, 124-acre horse farm in upstate New York. The cost of the wedding was reportedly upwards of $2m. Must’ve been quite a cake.

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