YouTube is making moves to extend its video dominance

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While YouTube may be worth as much as $300B as a standalone company, the Alphabet-owned firm can’t take its position for granted.

YouTube is making moves to extend its video dominance

Out of literally f*cking nowhere, TikTok has grown from 0 to 100m+ active users in the US with its game-changing video recommendation algo.

YouTube TV could be launching an app store

It’s at least testing the waters with an NFL Fantasy Football app, which is sure to drive engagement and be another surface area for epic fantasy trash-talking.

With the integration, users can track their fantasy scores alongside live games with the click of a button — keeping their dopamine rushes to one screen and eliminating the need to obsessively check their phones for updates.

As the linchpin of the cable bundle, sports is an intuitive place to start, but perhaps even more interesting is that YouTube TV can ladder up offerings in the app store… like bringing in an entire daily fantasy platform (e.g., DraftKings).

An augmented TV-viewer experience is a leg up on traditional cable

Esther Ahn, YouTube TV’s Head of Design, says the team wants to partner with apps that can make the viewing experience more clear and engaging.

YouTube is also working on a process to have creators tag products displayed in videos as a way to turbocharge its video ecommerce offering.

As Omar Little famously said in HBO’s The Wire, “You come at the king, you best not miss.”

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