More apps, more problems

Apps are supposed to make life easier, but they’re stressing employees out.

Apple’s “there’s an app for that” was a fun ad slogan. But now, there may be too many apps for too many things.

More apps, more problems

Okta, a platform that connects employees to apps, found that companies used an average of 89 different apps in 2021, up from 58 in 2015, per Bloomberg.

  • One study found workers across three large employers switched between apps ~1.2k times daily.

The problem

Apps are supposed to make life easier, but app overload actually decreases focus and boosts stress.

Frustrations only increase when companies change apps frequently, require employees to remember a bunch of passwords and complicated login procedures, or when notifications are constantly pinging.

  • In fact, complaints about apps increased 32% in 2021, and an average of 76 employees quit per year because they’re so vexed by tech.

The solution? Well, it could be to streamline or consolidate apps across the company to make sure there are no redundancies — but that might mean installing yet another app.

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