Buying bread? You’re gonna need more dough

Breadflation is surging across the globe.

Some historians claim that the French Revolution started over the price of bread. If true, we may soon have another revolution on our hands.

Buying bread? You’re gonna need more dough

Bread prices have been skyrocketing across the US and Europe, per The New York Times.

It’s a story of complex carbs

Reasons for the hikes vary by region, but generally include:

  • Inflation: which has increased the cost of raw materials used to make bread, like eggs and flour.
  • Geopolitics: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has driven up prices for energy in Europe, as well as grains, oilseeds, and fertilizers.

Making matters worse, the price surge coincides with a butter shortage, meaning complimentary bread and butter may soon be a relic of the past… which actually sounds like something that could spark a revolution.

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