What you can learn by analyzing ‘The Bachelor’ franchise

An Instagram account dedicated to ‘The Bachelor’ has been breaking down the data behind TVs most addicting reality franchise.

When educational technology director Suzana Somers was promoted in 2018, she began analyzing data from the reality TV series “The Bachelor” to learn to use Excel.

What you can learn by analyzing ‘The Bachelor’ franchise

Today, her Instagram account @bachelordata has 96.4k followers, and she teaches others Excel and Google Sheets through Bachelor Data Academy.

So what kind of data can one glean from a reality show about finding love among strangers?

Somers told The Hustle that the biggest trends involve contestants’ Instagram growth based on factors like screen time and what happens during a given episode.

For example, take this analysis of the fallout from an episode of Bachelor in Paradise (pictured above).

Contestants Brendan Morais and Pieper James admitted they’d spent time together prior to filming. Natasha Parker, whom Morais strung along before James arrived, gained a ton of followers while former-favorite Morais’s count dropped dramatically.

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