Dungeons & Dragons and… therapy?

Therapists are using tabletop role-playing games to help some clients open up.

What if your therapist prescribed you one “Dungeons & Dragons” game per week for anxiety?

Dungeons & Dragons and… therapy?

That reality might not be far off, according to Wired, with the rise of therapeutic tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs).


… players sit around a table, taking on the personas of fictional characters. This type of role-playing can be a helpful tool when used in a mental health setting by:

  • Providing a safe space to explore identity, traumas, and social skills
  • Helping clients who might be uncomfortable with traditional therapy

Now, startups are springing up to meet the need:

TTRPGs may seem like a relic of the past…

… but business is still booming. “Dungeons & Dragons” earns an estimated $100m-$150m annually.

And thanks in part to a prominent feature in Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” the game has a new batch of young fans, with 24% of players between 20 and 24 years old.

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