Singles want partners who vote

Tinder’s annual dating survey revealed an interest in political engagement and “situationships.”

There’s apparently no hotter accessory than an “I voted” sticker.

Singles want partners who vote

Tinder dropped its “Year in Swipe” this week, revealing an interest in political engagement among its users:

  • 47% of surveyed singles said not voting is a deal breaker; 53% said regular voting makes a match more attractive
  • 75% want a match who’s “respectful of or invested in social issues”
  • Activism in Tinder bios increased 84% in 2022

Why now?

A lot happened this year. The war in Ukraine pushed the nation’s flag among Tinder’s top 10 emoji used in bios, as users flocked to show support.

Tinder also launched an in-app “Election Center” ahead of the US midterms to encourage voting, while users cited hot-button issues — including abortion rights and gun control — as driving them to the polls.

For example: A survey from Tinder parent Match found that 78% of singles intended to change their dating behaviors due to the overturning of Roe v. Wade, while ~66% of women said they wouldn’t date someone with differing views on abortion access.

But it’s not all politics

Singles were also into nostalgia, activity dates such as minigolf or drive-in movies, drinking less, and adding star signs to bios.

Also? The “situationship.” The term — which defines a romantic situation somewhere between a casual fling and a formal, committed relationship — was up 49% in Tinder bios.

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