We asked for pizza innovation. You delivered. Now let’s eat already.

We asked readers to come up with ideas for pizza innovation, and these are their best ideas for new types of ’za.

Last week, we wrote about America’s lack of pizza innovation, particularly at Pizza Hut. Then we asked you for ideas about what the pizza biz can do to cook up something innovative (perhaps Pizza Hut will listen… ).

We asked for pizza innovation. You delivered. Now let’s eat already.

Reader Jacob said his parents once sat next to a Pizza Hut executive on a plane and explained how they made a taco pizza for their kids. 

“Soon afterwards,” Jacob wrote, “Pizza Hut started offering a taco pizza.”   

Inspired? So are we. But that’s just the first slice…

Here are the ideas we loved most:

  • Jalapeño popper-stuffed crust 
  • Keto crust
  • Green tomato sauce 
  • Pizza roll-ups in multiple flavors (Greek, Hawaiian, vegetarian, etc.) 
  • Spiced dough (spices on the bottom of the ’za instead of the crust)
  • A cannabis-infused pizza that “both creates and solves the munchies in each exquisite cheesy bite”
  • A cheese-stuffed entire pizza (that’s right: cheese sandwiched between layers of dough throughout the entire pie)
  • Chef collaborations (“like designers do with clothes”) 
  • And this gem: “An environmentally friendly process of wine grape flour infused into the crust to bring wine-flavored crust to the pizza. A Chardonnay Hawaiian pizza, a Merlot pepperoni and sausage  pizza and so many other possible combinations all while saving the planet”
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