Which schools pump out the most founders?

Let’s take a look at the data.

In the startup world, arguments about which colleges are best at fostering entrepreneurs are commonplace.

Which schools pump out the most founders?

With new data from PitchBook analyzing 144k+ founders, these quarrels may soon be put to rest (at least for 2022).

What’s the data say?

PitchBook ranked the top 100 schools by looking at the number of founders with a degree from each school since 2012.

  • North American schools dominate, with Israel being the only country other than the US to rank in the top 20 schools for undergraduate founders, at No. 7 and No. 15.

Notably, while data shows that female founders find the most success at North American schools, the numbers are far from even with their male counterparts.

Since 2012, 219 female founders with undergrad degrees from Stanford have raised $5.1B, compared to 1.2k+ male founders who’ve raised $68.5B.

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