Digits: Airplane seats, Egyptian internet cables, and more

Plus: Algorithms, Powerball, and tattoos.

1) In the 1970s, the average airplane seat measured 35 inches long (including legroom) and 18 inches wide. Today, they’re 31 inches long and 16.5 inches wide. The FAA is now sorting through 24k+ public comments on the issue, 98% of which support minimum seat size regulations.

Digits: Airplane seats, Egyptian internet cables, and more

2) Apparently, 17% of global internet traffic moves through Egypt; 16 subsea internet cables run beneath the Red Sea and through the country. Who knew?!

3) The US tattoo market is estimated to be worth $1.4B. Ephemeral, a made-to-fade tattoo startup that’s raised $26.8m, is growing but also seeing complaints that its tattoos aren’t… fading.

4) The Electronic Privacy Information Center released a report detailing 28 algorithms that Washington DC uses to automate work across public benefits, health care, policing, and housing.

5) The Powerball jackpot reached a record $1.9B. The next chance to win is today, and odds are one in 292.2m. Good luck.

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