Truckers tell California lawmakers to stay in their lane

Truckers are suing the state of California for passing a law that’s meant to protect gig workers by making it harder for companies to classify workers as independent contractors –– but also ...

As the original contractors of the open road, independent truckers take umbrage with a new California law that will make it harder for companies to classify workers as contractors. The California Trucking Association just filed a lawsuit challenging the law, which goes into effect next year.

Truckers tell California lawmakers to stay in their lane

Kiss my mud flaps

The law’s supporters say it will protect workers –– as many of them are struggling in the gig economy –– by ensuring companies can’t skimp on things like minimum wage, health insurance, and earned time off. But the trucking association says the law would be detrimental to interstate commerce… and slow the roll of some 70k independent truck drivers.

A California assemblywoman countered that lawmakers anticipated blowback from corporate entities, “especially those who have misclassified their workers for years.”

That means you, Uber

On that note, Uber’s not playing around, either. It plans to keep hiring drivers as independent contractors… and said if California wants to @ them, they can do it in court. Uber, Lyft and DoorDash also have vowed to join forces –– to the tune of $90m –– on a 2020 ballot measure to make roadkill of the law. 

As for the truck drivers, the trucking association says many who go independent are seasoned pros who are able to earn a greater living by setting their own schedules. These truckers invest as much as $150k into their rigs, and taking away their ability to pull paychecks would leave many of them stranded.

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