By the numbers: $400m of e-bikes, 8 public toilets, and a $308k volleyball

Plus: Roblox grows and robots gain numbers.

The Roblox universe (Source: umm….Roblox)

By the numbers: $400m of e-bikes, 8 public toilets, and a $308k volleyball

1) Ah, sh*t. According to one study, the US reportedly has 8 public toilets per every 100k people. That number ties us with Botswana in terms of toilet access. Iceland is the world leader in toilets, with 56 per every 100k people.

2) Today’s biker gangs go green. In the 1st half of 2021, $400m of e-bikes were sold in the US, up from $237m in all of 2019. Consequently, 113.2k e-bike thefts occurred so far this year, up from 96.5k in 2020.

3) Roblox, leading member of the reason-kids-don’t-go-outside club, saw average daily active users increase 43% YoY in October, to 50.5m people. The company made $637.8m in Q3.

4) Hmmm. Through September, 29k industrial robots were purchased in North America for a combined $1.48B. That’s up 37% YoY. 2021 also marks the 1st year non-car-related robots accounted for the majority of purchases.

5) Feels safe to say this is the most expensive volleyball ever. Tom Hanks’ “Cast Away” co-star, Wilson the Volleyball, was sold at auction for $308k. Will Ferrel’s “Elf” suit also sold for $235k.

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