The ice bath business is on fire

Enthusiasts are shelling out thousands for their own baths.

What do Lizzo and your favorite Twitter thread bro have in common?

The ice bath business is on fire

A pricey ice bath.

According to The New York Times, ice baths are hot right now, and companies are diving headfirst into the lucrative biz.

What’s all the fuss?

Ice baths aren’t new. For years, athletes have used them after workouts to ease muscle soreness and promote recovery. Now the trend has taken hold in the wellness community:

  • Cold-plunge enthusiasts claim that submerging yourself in icy water has benefits like mental clarity, decreased pain, and weight loss.

While it’s still TBD whether an icy dip actually helps you shed pounds, that hasn’t stopped a flood of new startups from entering the space:

  • Plunge offers a $4.9k personal tub and a $6.4k commercial model
  • BlueCube’s home ice bath is $15.9k; its spa model rings in at $26.9k
  • Renu Therapy offers a travel tank at $995 and home models starting at $9.6k
  • Morozko Forge’s ice baths retail for $12.8k and $19.9k

The incoming cold front…

… doesn’t stop with pricey baths. Customers can also chill out with facial ice rollers, cryotherapy, and ice bath group classes.

All we know is, at these prices, we’ll be plunging in the nearest river instead.

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