TikTok’s swooping in to grab laid-off talent

But is the move a business need or a reputational one?

In November alone, 48k+ tech employees have been let go — many from Twitter and Meta.

TikTok’s swooping in to grab laid-off talent

But whereas Meta is seeing ad revenue decline, TikTok is forecasting growth of ~150%, up from $4B last year to $10B this year.

Now, TikTok’s San Francisco team, whose Mountain View office once belonged to Meta, is looking to nearly double its headcount, per The Information.

  • The team has grown from a few hundred to 1k+ since 2020, and TikTok is looking to add another 1k.
  • Following layoffs at Twitter and Meta, TikTok recruiters have swooped in to snag job-seeking engineers.

Interestingly, TikTok’s US hiring efforts aren’t necessarily a business need, but a reputational one: The Chinese-owned company is being closely eyed for its privacy practices, and increasing its US presence could buy it time and trust from regulators.

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