In the battle of airports, the West Coast wins

A recent ranking of the best and worst airports in the US reveal coastal differences.

The world of air travel has had a cloudy couple of years.

In the battle of airports, the West Coast wins

Staffing shortages caused delays and cancellations to skyrocket, with 88k+ domestic flights canceled between January and May alone.

But you know what makes a flight delay easier to deal with?

A functional airport

The Wall Street Journal ranked the top 20 largest airports in the US across 19 factors, with some stark findings:

  • California airports are the cream of the crop — San Francisco was the top-rated large airport, while Sacramento took the crown for top-ranked midsize airport.
  • Avoid New York and New Jersey at all costs — Newark and JFK were the two worst-ranked large airports, while LaGuardia was the worst-ranked midsize airport.

The bottom line? Now might be the time to take that holiday trip to Hawaii — if your flight is canceled, at least you’ll have a nice place to pass the time.

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