Digits: Twitter math, sports betting, and more

Plus: The Wii U’s anniversary, and a railroad strike.

1) Russians Anton Napolsky and Valeriia Ermakova were arrested for heading Z-Library, a piracy site hosting 11m+ ebooks. The site went viral on TikTok, with students promoting it as the go-to spot for free textbooks.

Digits: Twitter math, sports betting, and more

2) Assuming Twitter were to hit 250m daily active users, and 1% of them were to pay for an $8/mo. subscription to the app, Apple would notch $72m in commission revenue within one year; Google would make $36m.

3) Today, two of America’s largest railroad unions will announce whether their members voted in favor of a new wage deal. If rejected, it could lead to a strike of ~60k railroad workers.

4) Sports betting site FanDuel projects its market will grow to $22.6B by 2030. The company commands a 42% market share, but will likely see fierce competition from Fanatics, the $27B+ merchandise company planning to roll out gambling services next year.

5) Almost exactly 10 years ago, Nintendo released the Wii U. The company sold 13.56m units of the console, which paled in comparison to its predecessor, the Wii, which sold 101m units. Still, people seem to have a soft spot for it.

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