Spotify’s recent product moves hint at a budding super-app

Spotify’s recent product moves suggest the company is building a super-app that includes both audio and video features.

Last week, Spotify made headlines when it removed the shuffle button from albums — a request from celebrity product manager Adele.

Spotify’s recent product moves hint at a budding super-app

Though it may be the most high-profile move, that’s just one of many product updates for the company in the last month.

Including big additions to its audio product mix

Earlier this month, Spotify announced plans to acquire Findaway, an audiobook distribution company, a move that will pit the company against Amazon’s Audible, and offer users a single destination for everything audio.

The firm also launched Netflix Hub, a dedicated place for soundtracks, playlists, and podcasts related to Netflix shows and movies, including “Stranger Things” and “Squid Game.”

Spotify launched a flurry of video features as well

Added features include:

  • Lyrics: Real-time, in-app lyrics are now available to all users
  • Music videos: A vertical TikTok-style feed for music videos hosted under a new Discover tab (only available to beta users)
  • Video podcasts: Tools for podcasters to upload videos of their episodes

Spotify has tried videos before with little success, but this time it has data behind the moves:

  • The firm reported that users are more likely to stream, share, and save tracks with an interactive video background rather than static album art, which bodes well for Discover
  • Podcasters requested video podcast tools after Spotify reported high engagement with Joe Rogan’s videos

If its new product updates pan out, Spotify could have a super-app on its hands. If not, at least they did right by Adele.

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