How Airbnb plans to get ahead of a shortage

How the company plans to get more hosts.

Airbnb may have 6m+ listings, but that doesn’t mean it’s fine kicking back and relaxing in a cozy cabin.

How Airbnb plans to get ahead of a shortage

CEO Brian Chesky told TechCrunch that one of his goals is to avoid “a supply-constrained era.” To ensure that doesn’t happen, Airbnb’s working to make it easier to become a host.

  • This week, the company launched “Airbnb-friendly apartments” in the US — a platform highlighting apartments that renters are allowed to put on Airbnb.
  • While Airbnb doesn’t take a cut of their rent, the property owners “take a revenue share of between 20-25% of a host’s booking amount.”

So, while the program could help renters earn some extra cash, it’s also possible that property owners could be incentivized to charge more for rent in the first place — because the renters can just “make it back.”

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