The market’s getting absolutely bodied by pro wrestling

WWE is seen as a hot acquisition target.

While 2022’s been a year of crimson red for much of the market, World Wrestling Entertainment has been flexing its muscles.

The market’s getting absolutely bodied by pro wrestling

What’s happening?

Because the company’s revenue primarily comes from long-term media rights deals and live events, it isn’t particularly impacted by the advertising slump now hurting many other media companies.

  • With its devoted global fanbase, investors are eyeing WWE as a hot acquisition target at a time when niche sports are on the rise, per Axios. (Think Formula One, for instance.)

With TV rights deals with Fox and Comcast set to expire in 2024, and an exclusive streaming deal with Peacock ending in 2026, expect there to be a media wrestling match for the next home of WWE content.

Fun fact: WWE has more followers on TikTok (19.9m) than the NFL (9.5m), NBA (17.2m), and MLB (5.7m).

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