What are bonuses looking like this holiday season?

Across industries, bonuses are looking less likely.

As the economy teeters with uncertainty, it looks like people’s chances for a generous year-end bonus are teetering with it.

What are bonuses looking like this holiday season?

This year, 27% of companies across a range of sectors will not be awarding bonuses, up from 23% last year, per The Wall Street Journal.

Among those awarding bonuses:

  • Lowe’s plans to spend $200m on bonuses for hourly workers.
  • The Venetian Resort Las Vegas is giving $1.5k to all workers.
  • New York-based printing company Sticker Mule is giving employees $1k bonuses to help weather inflation, despite its modest year.

On Wall Street, though, with bankers coming off a record 2021 that saw wildly inflated levels of activity, bonus pools could be as much as 40% lower.

Notably, in 2021, New York City securities workers got their biggest bonus payouts since 2006, averaging $257.5k.

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