Digits: Jeans, screens, and more news numbers

Plus: Streamers deal with churn, and Waze makes a U-turn.

1) On the off chance a pair of really old jeans wind up in your possession, don’t dispose of them — a pair recovered from a 19th-century shipwreck recently sold for $95k. Earlier this year, a pair found in an abandoned mine sold for $87k.

Digits: Jeans, screens, and more news numbers

2) Amid covid restrictions and tense geopolitics, Disney is banking hard on Chinese moviegoers to see the upcoming Avatar sequel. Today, there are 82k+ movie screens in China, up from ~5.7k in 2010 when the original film earned $202.6m there.

3) An auction for wind development off the coast of California saw companies bid a combined $757.1m on 373.3k acres. At ~$2k per acre, the price tag was far less than New York and New Jersey’s ~$9k per-acre price.

4) Streaming has a churn problem: In Q3, while premium US streaming services including Apple TV+ and  Discovery added a combined 37.2m subscribers, they lost 32m.

5) Calculating a new route: Since Google’s $1.1B acquisition of Waze in 2013, the app has operated as a standalone brand. Likely in a move to drive efficiencies, Google is now moving Waze’s 500+ employees over to its Geo organization, which includes Maps, Earth, and Street View.

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