TikTokers are sharing eco-hacks

TikTok users are teaching each other eco-friendly sustainability hacks, like making banana peel fertilizer and regrowing lettuce.

TikTok is all about the hacks. Getting free stuff, modifying Starbucks drinks, learning Excel. But apparently, another trend includes… going green with sustainability hacks?

TikTokers are sharing eco-hacks

Uswitch, a UK-based price comparison service, looked at hundreds of TikTok videos featuring eco-friendly products or the hashtag #ecohack to rank the top trends by viewership.

They include making your own deodorant or lip balm, how to regrow lettuce, and turning milk containers into planters.

But the top 5 hacks were:

1. Ecobricks: 19m views

2. Banana fertilizer: 8.3m views

3. Growing your own loofah: 3.5m

4. DIY envelopes (like this): 2.3m

5. Reusing jars and containers: 1.5m

Wait, what are ecobricks?

If some of this stuff is new to you — well, us, too! So, we did a little digging.

Ecobricks are plastic bottles stuffed with other used plastics, then turned into reusable building material. This prevents the plastic from ending up in water sources, but it looks kind of cool, too — check out this video.

Ecobricks are easy to make and have been used in everything from buildings — like this one at the Helderberg Nature Reserve near Cape Town — to simpler DIY projects, like backyard gardens.

What else can TikTok teach us?

  • You can bake then grind banana peels into fertilizer for your plants.
  • Though loofahs may look like sponges, they actually grow on vines. Ripe, they look like big cucumbers. Dry and peel them to get a bath sponge.
  • You can regrow lettuce, onions, celery, and other veggies in just water.


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