Brexit could be good news for… pubs?

The beloved British pub industry has rebounded following a decade of closures. But will Brexit keep the suds flowing?

The beloved UK pub industry took a hit during the 2010s. On average, the number of pubs dropped by 732 each year. Until this year, that is, when the Office of National Statistics reported the first net gain — of 320 pubs — in a decade.

Brexit could be good news for… pubs?

Experts have attributed the increase to improved food offerings, added events, and accomodations. 

The gain may be a blip rather than the start of a trend, unless regulations involving business and alcohol taxes are changed. 

  • Last week’s Conservative Party victory may bring policies that help pubs. Boris Johnson’s party has floated a £150m plan to assist local groups looking to buy and operate neighborhood pubs facing closure. 

But despite the Tory victory, a “no-deal” Brexit may be here before you can say… Bollocks, I’m utterly knackered!

And a “no-deal” Brexit could slash the eating-out market in the UK by £5.4B. That’s bad news for pubs. 

A “no-deal” Brexit, however, also means progressive Britons will likely be seeking liquid comfort. 

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