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Advent calendars get more unhinged each year

Dior is selling a $3.5k advent calendar.

For many Americans, unveiling a new treat from their advent calendar each day until Christmas sparks joy. Traditionally, these treats have been straightforward — a piece of chocolate or a small toy.

But those were simpler times. In 2022, advent calendars have gotten quite the avant-garde makeover.

Just about anything can make its way into an advent calendar

Even the wackiest and most unexpected items:

People are drawn to advent calendars for the product samples, value for their dollar, and sheer fun. For businesses, ranging from Costco to yoga company Alo, advent calendars are advantageous because:

But businesses have still managed to botch their advent calendars

Chanel’s $825 advent calendar was lambasted last year for including cheap items like stickers and string bracelets. This year, Dior has been skewered for its $3.5k advent calendar filled with items like a candle lid.

It may be the Christmas season — but the calendars can either be a treat, or a trick.

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