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Reusable Starbucks cups are lining resellers’ pockets

People are really into collecting Starbucks cups, which has led to a robust secondary market.

Sports cards, sneakers, and… Starbucks cups?

Resellers are apparently making bank off devoted Starbucks collectors. For example:

Meanwhile, numerous Facebook Groups are dedicated to cup hunting, including this 13.7k-member public group that advertises itself as no-rules “cup chaos.”

Collectors happily show off their Starbucks hauls and massive cup stashes.

But, why?

Poshmark CEO Manish Chandra suggested “pandemic-triggered nostalgia.” He told CNN Business that Starbucks merchandise saw a 100%+ uptick in sales on the platform in 2020.

But cup collecting predates the pandemic. Thrifter Cary Williams told In The Know he thinks the coffee chain just has a passionate fanbase…

… Which can be a problem for baristas

While Grinch bots steal Christmas by gaming online retailers, Starbucks merch is only available in-store, which has led to some pretty wacky behavior.

BTW: If this has you curious, here’s a comprehensive site entirely devoted to Starbucks mugs.

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