Kids are getting rich off… slime?

Younger entrepreneurs are making big bucks off of slime.

Real ones remember the rush of watching someone get covered in green slime on Nickelodeon.

Kids are getting rich off… slime?

Now, slime is having a renaissance on social media, per Fortune. The hashtag #slime has been viewed 78B+ times on TikTok, propelled by users devouring ASMR videos.

Serious business

But the goo isn’t just for fun anymore: Gen Z and millennial creators are monetizing it for big bucks.

Some of the young moguls opened their online shops nearly a decade ago, only recently reaping the benefits of social media’s selling power. And sell they do:

  • OG Slimes receives 2k-3k orders/mo. and has surpassed $100k in monthly revenue for the last three months.
  • Snoopslimes, helmed by an 18-year-old founder, has 40 employees and is expected to hit eight figures in revenue for 2022.
  • Peachybbies operates out of a 5k-square-foot warehouse and sold 110k+ units in 2021.

The slimes they are a-changin’

Gone are the days of shapeless putty. Today’s slime is modeled after your favorite treats, from Icees and cookies to birthday cake and Starbucks drinks.

The recipe for prime slime usually starts with a mix of glue, borax (a common household cleaner, not a Dr. Seuss character), and baking soda.

So, even though it’s shaped like food, it won’t satisfy your cravings — but it just might improve your mental health.

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