Sure, out-of-office messages are fine. But what if they were carols?

LinkedIn found that its members would prefer writing out-of-office emails if they were more fun. So, Cameo helped turn them into carols.

In an effort to make holiday OOO messages more fun, LinkedIn invited its members to request custom out-of-office messages for the holidays, sung by Cameo carolers.

Sure, out-of-office messages are fine. But what if they were carols?

The short videos feature singers in matching sweaters belting out popular carols with the words altered, like:

The partnership was inspired by member surveys…

… that found some people aren’t very good at taking or announcing time off.

LinkedIn found that 34% of respondents felt anxious about turning on their OOO message. And even while OOO, only 35% were totally off, while others lurked, worked anyhow, or remained available if necessary.

Respondents also said OOO messages would be easier to deal with if they were more fun (49%), if more people used them (36%), or if someone else wrote theirs (15%).

What makes a great OOO is debatable

Alison Green of Ask a Manager called OOO messages the “wild west” because there really isn’t any general consensus on how to use them.

She also shared a collection of atypical OOO messages submitted by readers, which included oversharers, people who weren’t actually away, and a guy who left a snarky OOO after he quit.

However, if you’re stuck on yours, Green does have some tips here. Happy holidays!

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