This week’s weirdest ways to spend money

Here are this week’s weirdest ways to spend money.

Looking for a way to spend that Visa gift card you got from your Aunt Susan over the holiday? 

This week’s weirdest ways to spend money

Please, let us offer some inspiration on how to burn that plastic. Here’s a roundup of some of the weirdest ways we’ve seen people spend their cash lately:

  • A night spent in a giant potato, $250. Who needs the Ritz when you and your loved ones can rest your weary heads in a 6-ton potato in Idaho? 
  • Gucci felt hat with visor, $690. Sure, you could spend $700 on groceries for a few months… OR you could spend it on this iconic piece of beige headwear that features a urine-colored visor that will scare away stray dogs and peasants alike.  
  • Functional lifestyle water, $350. If this “great tasting craft water” fits half as much flavor in its bottles as it does buzzwords in its product description, consider us customers for life (h/t VICE for spotting this gem).
  • Flying ATV, $139k. Be honest: The last time you rode an ATV you probably thought “This is fun… but what if was FLYING?” Well, your dream has come true thanks to this “FAA-certified special light-sport aircraft fused within a rugged military-grade all-terrain vehicle that conquers sand, pavement, grass, and gravity.”

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