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Think you stayed on top of startup news in 2020? Take our quiz and find out.

Think you know the trends that made the biggest headlines in 2020? Take our quiz and find out (answers at the bottom of the email).

Quiz of the day
  1. Which of the following Trends article topics made it into Google’s Year in Search twice?
    1. Dalgona coffee
    2. Online plants
    3. Tiny homes
    4. Carbon credits
    5. Telemedicine
  2. Which of the following was searched the most, according to Google’s Year in Search?
    1. Where to buy hand sanitizer
    2. Where to buy Xbox Series X
    3. Where to buy face masks
    4. Where to buy PS5
    5. Where to buy toilet paper
  3. Online chess is one of Twitch’s fastest-growing categories. How many cumulative hours did people watch it in the last year?
    1. 500k
    2. 5m
    3. 10m
    4. 50m
    5. 500m
  4. According to Keywords Everywhere, which of our recent Trends “Flares” has the most search volume as of this month?
    1. Kintsugi kit
    2. Standing desk balance board
    3. Malepolish
    4. Home aquarium
    5. Monk fruit sweetener
  5. Which of these Kickstarters from our Kickstarter database raised more than $20m?
    1. PebbleTime: a color e-paper smartwatch
    2. Exploding Kittens: a tabletop card game
    3. Travel Tripod by Peak Design: a fully featured portable tripod
    4. COOLEST Cooler: a portable party disguised as a cooler
    5. Fidget Cube: a desk toy that helps you focus

Answers: 1) Dalgona coffee, 2) Where to buy PS5, 3) 50m hours (equivalent to 5,700 years), 4) Home aquarium, 5) PebbleTime: a color e-paper smartwatch.

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