The things we got right and wrong in 2020 (and ungated Trends content to check out)

What our Trends analysts got right (and wrong) in 2020.

At Trends, we try to discover… well, trends, before they take off. Now that we’ve been running the show for over a year, we can look back and see how we did.

For starters, we got a lot of things right, like…

A few of our predictions didn’t pan out, including starting a trade show, opening motels, or our bullish thoughts on this “new movie industry” (AKA VR).

Post-pandemic, we still see opportunities with trade shows, many of which have 30-50% margins. And VR is still primed to be big — preorders for the latest Oculus Quest were 5x its predecessor.

As a New Year’s bonus, we’ve ungated 12 of our top Trends pieces from the past year. For one week only, you can read the following pieces for free:

👀 Looking back, we can only be sure of one thing: The year started with esports and ended with esports.

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